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A brand new vehicle

I have so many cars that I don't know what to do about them. If you are interested in getting a car, then you should contact me. 

It's just that I own many cars, but I clean theme, fix them and change the things that needs to get fixed. Then when I'm done with the car I sell it to earn a little.

But this is not my work. I work at a office all day, so this is something that I usually do at my spare time. Even though it takes a lot of energy and time it's definitely worth it!

So, ...

Trailer problem

Now we have a problem. I bought a boat in Holland and it’s on a trailer. In Holland this type of trailer does not require its own license plate; instead it has to have the license plate of the car towing it. Now I plan to take this boat to Sweden, the country where all trailers have to have their own registration plate. It is not allowed to have the license plate of the car towing it on the trailer. So How am I going to take this trailer to Sweden? The Swedish authorities advised me to ask for a ...